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SPACEPASTE ™ chew-able toothpaste tablets are a daily necessity for everyone. These tablets kill oral bacteria, are supported by an array of scientific and clinical studies, and remove plaque

Spacepaste ™ Scientific and Clinical Studies (PDFs)Spacepaste Clinical Paper    University of Bordeaux     Loma Linda     

GÖST ™ Professional Teeth Whitening System is endorsed by leading cosmetic dentists and is truly unique. We have created a tooth whitening system that literally works for EVERY human being without the sensitivity you normally experience!

Research and Development:  Over 1 million dollars has been invested in SPACEPASTE ™ & GÖST ™ Professional Teeth Whitening.

Oral Care Products

Why Oral Care?

Oral Care is one of the very largest revenue aisles in retail stores and there is a reason why some of the largest companies in the world are involved in supplying dental care products.

In addition, good oral hygiene is absolutely critical to maintaining good health. See our two articles below for more information.

Available Dental Care Products

Introducting Spacepaste ™ & GÖST ™ Professional Teeth Whitening

SPACEPASTE ™ Packet of 5

Contains 5 packets. Each packet contains 15 chew-able tablets.


Contains 15 packets. Each packet contains 15 chew-able tablets.

GÖST ™ Professional Teeth Whitening System

Contains 4 syringes as well as 3 custom fitted teeth trays.
2 syringes full of a remineralization and reconditioning gel.
1 syringe of Hydrogen Peroxide gel.
1 Syringe of Carbomide Peroxide gel.

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