100% AMERICAN MADE:  Our products are designed and manufactured in America.

ENVIRONMENTALLY CONSCIOUS:  We care deeply about the world we live in.  Our novel products are eco friendly and typically refillable.

SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITY:  Our community is planned, built, and modified to promote sustainable living.  We focus on environmental and economic sustainability, Active Distribution™ infrastructure, social equity and financial freedom.

EVANGELICAL:  We are passionate about our mission and passionate about our higher purpose.

INTEGRITY:  We are committed to ethical business practices and strive to show integrity in our actions both within the workplace, throughout our Exclusive Business Community™, and in public.

Who We Are and What We Do

FrontDoor Dental Care is the only company delivering comprehensive, high quality, oral care solutions right to your doorstep. We manufacture our proprietary line of premier teeth whitening products to enhance and ensure high quality at attractive prices.

FrontDoor will deliver dental care essentials right to your front door. You do not have to worry about going down the dental care aisle while shopping at the store and waiting in long checkout lines.

We have created two extremely unique products to launch our company with chewable toothpaste to go, SPACEPASTE ™ , and our GÖST ™ Professional Grade, in home, teeth whitening system.

Our SPACEPASTE™ chewable toothpaste tablets are really a daily necessity. Once you try our unique toothpaste tablets, we think that you will agree!

Our GÖST ™ professional teeth whitening system is endorsed by leading cosmetic dentists and is truly unique. We have created a tooth whitening system that literally works for every human being without the sensitivity you normally achieve when whitening your teeth.

We also have some very exciting Future Oral Care Products planned for launch later this year!

At FrontDoor Dental Care, our goal is to bring dental products to market that are innovative and effective. We have future products on the way ranging from gourmet toothpaste, like strawberry shortcake or apple pie, to a full oral care pet line that is endorsed by leading veterinarians.

Our team of leaders are the best of the best. We are all accessible at any time to our customers, distributors, business partners and anyone else who wants to learn more.

“Our products are endorsed by leading cosmetic dentists and supported by independent scientific studies.”

Meet Our Team

Passionate People Making a Difference
Matthew Myers

Matthew Myers

President of Global Distribution and co-founder

Matthew is an authority in oral health care with 15 years of in-depth experience in novel products and distribution..

John Osland

John Osland

CEO and Co-Founder

John was appointed Executive Chairman and active advisor to upstarts FrontDoor Dental Care in January….

Guillermo Cruz

Guillermo Cruz

Vice President of International Sales and Logistics

Cruz is an authority on international languages, culture and technical sales with 17 years..

Adam Ciboch - COO

Adam Ciboch

Global COO and Co-Founder

Adam is an authority in digital marketing, technology and full spectrum operations with 18 years..